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Orb’s Return (Poetry)

Orbs and Faeries by Cornelia KoppBeyond the murk
The ire of dragon long impaled on wretched lance
Encircled in a bitter trial.
Sacred heart and evil dance
And hemlock burns in desperate pale
Beyond and through the cries of night
Bewitched and thrice behove of light
Briton’s daughter-earth beyond
Fearless echo of their heart.

Raised to eerie moonless night
Light plays less on psyche’s worth
The Mystery by Alice PopkornDance through arrow of the fire
Green and hour’s silent birth
Beneath the lilac of the mire
A figure glides in darkling robe
And crows bark soft in deepened woe
Orb lifted high and light believe
And sorcerer set in rightful place.

For once was Erin light and fair
A lively burning dancing heart
Children playing in the dales
And friend and lover never part
Once Upon a Time... by Alice PopkornSpring and Summer come and went
And Harvest brought an unknown chill
A thief stole in as wont and will
Sent by those whose blood runs dark
And fear through minds began to cry.

They welcomed him did Erin’s kin
Stranger within despite such cold
His face was worn but smile did break
And seemed he kind return less bold
But bird with him he held with angst
Raven eyes burnt menace deep
Through thought and dream-filled bitter sleep
Looking for Inspiration by Alice PopkornAll felt death at shoulder’s door
Distressed at nothing they could know.

Under mist’s dark blanket tales
be told of dragons, wisps, and trolls,
And sprites of earth beneath the dire
crept still silent into holes.
The dark force slowly gained its ground
Pressure living in defeat
And aching monster hell to mete
They felt the call of evil notion
Hard in mischief deep undone.

Poem by Elle Carter NealElle Carter Neal

Photos for this post are by the very talented Cornelia Kopp (aka Alice Popkorn on Flickr):
Orbs and Faeries
The Mystery
Once Upon a Time…
Looking for Inspiration

3 thoughts on “Orb’s Return (Poetry)”

  1. I finally found you! You won a copy of Ripples Effect over at my blog last fall. Send me your mailing address. YaY. I tried to look you up and finally gave up due to life circumstances getting in the way. Then this morning I bumped into you over at the The Blood-Red Pencil and remembered your name. 🙂

    The poem is absolutely striking. A poem one can learn from. I want to write poetry. But it terrifies me.

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