I Own All the Blue – Release Date Announced

I Own All the Blue

I Own All the Blue will be available as a paperback book from the 13th of June 2018.

This picture book for ages four to seven tells the story of a bowerbird who refuses to share the colour blue. Bowerbird’s greed and sense of entitlement has a domino effect as the other animals race to claim colours for themselves. Mixing the colours could lead to disaster as one animal stands to inherit it all… unless everyone learns to share.

I Own All the Blue is a Modern Fable

As a parent, I’ve noticed with surprise how vehement children are about enforcing certain conventions of our society, such as which colours and styles of clothing are allowed to be worn by boys and which are exclusively for girls.

I Own All the Blue is a tongue-in-cheek challenge to the idea that specific colours are exclusively for specific groups. It’s a book that promotes sharing, and I hope it will help to generate a little bit of thinking and questioning of some of the strange rules we enforce on each other for no real reason.

Preview the Entire Book

I know how frustrating it is to pick up a children’s book that looks promising only to find that the last page goes against your principles. Or trying to gauge the content from a brief Look Inside on Amazon. So I know and understand that you want to vet the entire book before you invest in it.

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