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Earth and Ground are twin planets that were separated in distance during the Big Bang, but remained quantum-entangled. The first person to discover the possibility of instantaneous quantum travel was the Sorcerer of Ground (literally, the source of magic), who sacrificed his innate magical ability in order to provide his Emperor with a magical advantage in a terrible war. The Sorcerer was transported to Earth in the process and remains here to this day.


The two planets, though twins, developed differently in their different environments. Ground never suffered meteor collisions to the same extent that Earth did – therefore dinosaurs continued to flourish on Ground long after the creatures died out on Earth. However the people of Ground hunted the land-dwelling dinosaurs to extinction, and the only ancient fauna of note are flying pterosaurs (specifically Pterodactylus and Quetzalcoatlus) and monstrous water-dwelling plesiosaurs and pliosaurs.

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