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Next-arrowOnce upon a time, all animals were the same dull grey colour.

One day the bower bird began collecting blue. The flamingo saw what he was doing and started to argue.
“I own all the blue,” said the bower bird, and he took the blue from the sky and from the water of the pond.

Text copyright © Elle Carter Neal
Illustrations copyright © Bess Harding

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Elle Carter Neal is the author of the picture book I Own All the Blue and the teen science-fantasy novel Madison Lane and the Wand of Rasputin. She has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, holding childhood slumber-party audiences entranced until the early hours of the morning. Elle decided to be an author the day she discovered that real people wrote books and that writing books was a real job. Join Elle on her new publishing adventure.

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  1. Well done. Can’t wait for it’s release so I can buy it for myself and my friends 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Candice <3

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